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“Live to share, live to love” is the slogan and also the motto of action of BETOAJI, known as HUONG VI VIET, a charitable group.

BETOAJI was founded and has been developed by a group of Vietnamese students, who are studying and working in Tokyo and the nearby areas since November 18th 2012. Betoaji’s activities base on voluntary participation of its members, in order to introduce the Vietnamese natural beauty and cultural heritage to Japanese friends in particular as well as other foreigner friends. All interests made by the group will be used for charitable purposes. Currently, BETOAJI has been supporting poor children in the North West of Vietnam to have better conditions for living and studying. Starting from the program “Sharing Viet-flavors, Gathering love”, - Vietnamese cuisine class for Japanese and international friends, the group has now diversified its fundraising activities to enable better support for the development of Vietnamese underprivileged children in different ways.


II.1. Executive Board

The executive board, including the permanent members, is responsible for the vision and operational plans of BETOAJI. It works on the principle of consensus and division of tasks among members.

Structure of the executive board:

- General manager/key member 

- Members in charge of foreign affairs and information

- Members in charge of finance and accounting

- Members in charge of specific activities

Eligibility of a board member:

- Must be an active volunteer (participate in at least two thirds of the activities of BETOAJI within the last 6 months 3, be active in contributing ideas and opinions for the group’s activities); 

- Can be a self-candidate or be introduced by the members of the executive board;

- Must be approved by at least two thirds of the members of the current executive board.

Decision of the Executive Board: The decision of the executive board must be agreed by at least two thirds of the board members.

II.2. Volunteer

  • Is the person who has submitted the application form to BETOAJI;
  • Totally agree with the purpose and motto of the group and no adverse act to the operation and reputation of BETOAJI;
  • Working with the executive board to organize and run the activities of the group;
  •  Taking a part of the group activities at least once in a quarter of the year, or direct supporting to the children;
  • Need to abide the rules of specific activities, and frequently give feedback to make the activities of BETOAJI better;
  • Also need to regularly update and share news on Facebook to promote BETOAJI’s activities; 
  • The volunteers living far away from Tokyo can participate in BETOAJI’s activities at residential places and the group’s online activities.

II.3. Supporter

A supporter is a person who has participated, companioned, or supported BETOAJI materially as well as spiritually.

III. Charity activities

III.1. BETOAJI is the companion of the program “Only rice is not enough” in Vietnam

So far, we have been directly supporting 41 kindergarten children in Trung Thu village, Tua Chua District, Dien Bien province with 120, 000 VND per child per month.

This sponsorship is for improving their meal conditions and learning equipments. In the future, we hope to increase the numbers of sponsored children as well as sponsor schools.

III.2. Other charity activities

We are also in association in other practical charity programs to support Vietnamese children, including:

Book donation program in rural areas

Children’s free dental care program in distant areas

Operation smile program. (Free dental surgery program)

Free heart surgery program

Golden heart Fund, Lao Dong newspaper


IV.1. Operation of cooking class and Introducing Vietnamese cuisine

• Conducting of monthly cooking class and introducing Vietnamese culture on the aspect of cuisine.

• Offering instructors of Vietnamese cuisine on demand.

• Supplying traditional Vietnamese dishes in community events on request.

• Vietnamese food processing and selling.

IV.2. Online shop

BETOAJI operates the online shop to provide Japanese products with high quality and affordable prices to customers in Vietnam by volunteers. Through BETOAJI online shop, our sponsors in Vietnam can easier and further support us.

IV.3. Introducing Vietnamese culture and history

BETOAJI offers instructors of Vietnamese history and culture in Vietnamese, English and Japanese on request.

IV.4. Vietnamese class

We hope to operate Vietnamese class for Vietnamese children living in Japan and elementary Vietnamese for requested Japanese.

IV.5. Call for donations and sponsors

BETOAJI are calling for the contributions from individuals and organizations via the program “Only rice is not enough” and directly in BETOAJI events.

IV.6. Public relations and other activities

We have been exchanging with others organizations and groups such as VYSA (Vietnamese Youths and Students Association in Japan) and BEGIN.


• Official news about BETOAJI has to be approved by the executive broad before being public.

• Using “BETOAJI” for personal employment or other activities rather than those organized by BETOAJI are prohibited.

• The information about BETOAJI has to be accurate. Providing improper information about BETOAJI which causes misapprehension and affects the reputation are prohibited.

• BETOAJI members have the right to specify being members of BETOAJI on their profiles (if desired).

VI. Treatment when violating the regulations

Members when violating the regulations are all treated. Treatment form and level will be determined by the management board.

VII. Appendix:

VII.1. Regulation of the cooking class

Obeying seriously the following rules in the cooking class:

Gathering on time

Dressing in a pleasingly tidy manner

Being better to wear “AO DAI” for women

Wearing apron and name card

Introducing yourself as a volunteer at the beginning of the class

Accomplishing your duty in the class

Manipulating carefully in order to keep yourself and others safe (keep from cutting yourself, exploding gas)

-  Tidying up until the end of the class

-  Attending the experience-drawing meeting after the class

-  Not trying to come to the class when you are ill (cough, have a running nose, have diarrhoea, etc)

VII. 2. Regulation of online business in detail (Betoaji-Shop)

- Any member who wants to post notes, goods on timeline of Betoaji-shop needs the admins permission.

- Do not use the capacity of Betoaji-shop for the purpose of personal benefit.

- Members of Betoaji-Shop should actively promote, give comments and support for the operation of Betoaji-shop.

VII.3. Regulation of the patronage of the underprivileged children

- A volunteer can be a sponsor a child with the support at 500 JPY/month x10 times in one year. The money will be transferred to the fund of BETOAJI and then help the children via volunteers of BETOAJI and “COM CO THIT” - “Only Rice Is Not Enough” program in Vietnam.

- A volunteer can be the sponsor for unlimited number of children with.

- BETOAJI will provide information about children whom a volunteer helps. 

Tokyo, February 24th, 2013.

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