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When Japanese friends sang spring melody together with us at “a beginning of spring meeting party”, held in Tokyo, pronounced the word – TET and said “Happy lunar new year” to Vietnamese friends, we were extremely thrilled - Thu Hong said.

On Feb. 24th, my group organized the new year party for the first cooking class of the group. The purpose was to introduce to Japanese friends about lunar New Year of Vietnam, called “Tet”. Much emotion was remained in our mind from party in the beginning of lunar New Year. After that, we decided to make video clips and to write articles to express our joyful feeling when we listened to the word “Tet” from Japanese friends and thentogether we gathered in Tet Viet, when we shared our little dreams in spring, “wherever you go, whatever you do, keep a little Vietnamese soul to be proud”

BETOAJI was established by a group of Vietnamese students studying in Tokyo with dream of “To spread love by Viet flavor”. In details, BETOAJI activities are to introduce the traditional dishes through cooking class and the beauties of the country and Vietnamese people to Japanese friends. It is meaningful that all profit from the activities will be used for charity purposes. Currently, BETOAJI members are sponsors of 41 lovely children of “Only Rice is Not Enough” program in Dien Bien.

If you were there, you would be thrilled when you saw the people who had ever known Vietnamese attentively and excitedly learn the song “Ngày TẾT quê em” (New Year in our country).  Despite being far from the home country, the party held by BETOAJI volunteer group was still joyful and warm.

“New Year Party” of BETOAJI is also one of the meaningful BETOAJI activities.  New spring with Viet Flavor was carefully prepared with Golden Apricot and cherry flower branches (Mai and Dao branches), delicious dishes, happy music as well as AO DAI.

“Amateur Chefs” of BETOAJI prepared a tray of warm Viet Flavour for the party with Tet cake (rice cake), Pork rolls, spring rolls, uot cake (wet cake), crab rice noodle, Ba ba Gruel… for 60 people. Japanese friends not only were enjoyed Vietnamese traditional food for Lunar new year but also were introduced about Vietnamese traditional lunar new year, and then, excitedly talk the sentence “Chúc mừng năm mới – Happy New year in Vietnamese”. Atmosphere of Tet was warmer when lucky money program for children was supported; despite of a little money, that was goodness.

“Live to love, live to give the heart - Sống trong đời sống cần có một tấm lòng”... Wherever you go, whatever you do, keep our Vietnamese soul to make international friends pronounce the word “Tet” and then your Tet would be a Tet with greatest pleasure and sharing.

The melody of “Tet in my country” from our chorus is always in our mind:

“Tet Tet Tet comes into, Tet Tet Tet comes into, Tet Tet Tet comes into, Tet comes to our heart”

Yeah, “Tet comes into our heart” even our choir sound was still mixed among Japanese, English, Vietnamese accents.

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