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41th Vietnamese Cookingclass Introduction (2017.09.30) - Mid Autumn Fes

Betoaji Tokyo’s 41th cooking class presents the “Bun tron tom thit” (Rice noodles in broth with shrimp and pork) and "Che khoai" (Sweet potato with coconut gruel). There's a lot more in store, come enjoy delicious food and make new friends with us! 


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Betoaji Tokyo’s 34th cooking class presents the “Com rang dua bo” (Vietnamese fried rice with pickle & beef), "Canh cu cai thit bam" (Ground meat & radish soup) and "Tao pho" (Tofu pudding)

●Time and Date: 13:30~17:00 Sunday, Dec 11th, 2016
●Place: Academy Mukougaoka 2F, 1 minute walk from Todaimae station
●Participant Fee: 1200 yen/ adult, 600 yen for children below elementary school age * Free for children 7 and under
●Deadline: Dec 5th ●Limit: first 30 people
- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
- Form: http://tinyurl.com/cookingclasstokyo34
●Please bring your own apron.
Thank you!


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