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Betoaji Sholarship Fund

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I. Introduction 

BETOAJI is a non-profit and charity organization, toward two core targets: (1) sharing of Vietnamese culture to international friends, and (2) conducting of charitable and social activities to support poor children in Vietnam. Currently, we are undertaking several introductive, cultural sharing as well as foundation making activities. Some of them can be listed such as Vietnamese food cooking class, cultural introduction class for Japanese and international friends, call for donation and contribution from other individuals and organizations. In regarding of social and charitable activities, BETOAJI is attempting to assist “Only Rice is Not Enough” program in Vietnam through our “Small Family - Big Love” project. We also freely exam the teeth for pupils, support the library establishment in the countryside in Vietnam.

From the perspective of our program, we deserve to diversify as well as actively join in social and charitable activities. At this moment, we want to effectively support the scholarships to poor children (involving Ethnic children) in mountainous areas. They will facilitate the basic facilities for our children so that they can keep studying. “BETOAJI Scholarship Foundation” was born from those kindly purposes.  

The pupils in Easup district: Several pupils go to school without any sandals

II. Contents and organization of BETOAJI Scholarship Foundation

II.1. Objectives

 - BETOAJI Scholarship Foundation (hereafter named BETOAJI foundation) will present the scholarships to poor children in primary school in slow developmental areas of economy or minority Ethnic people. 

 - Criteria for candidate selection:

 + The circumstances of family and pupils: The family is confirmed as one of the following criteria: poor family, orphan pupils (father and/or mother), fatal disease infected parent, (extreme) invalid pupils.

 + Grade and conduct ranking of pupils: A “fair” ranking will be required as the minimum criteria.

 + In case of several pupils of satisfying the above criteria, their grade ranking will be utilized for the selection.

 II.2.Number of pupils and scholarship funding (anticipation for the first period, 2013-2014)

 - Number of pupils: 50 individuals

 - Scholarship: 120,000 VND (approximately 500 Japanese yen)/month x 9 months in one school year

II. 3. Eligible locations for the first period

 - The scholarship program will be applied in the primary schools in ten communes and towns of Easup district, Daklak province, Tay Nguyen, Vietnam. Easup is the mountainous and remote district of Daklak province with Ê Đê, Djarai people as the primary Ethnic people. Both of the conditions of infrastructure and economy are in low development.

 II. 4. Project funding

 - Currently, some of organizations in Japan accepted to donate 50-70 scholarships to poor children with management of BETOAJI from September, 2013.

 - BETOAJI will pay for this activity approximately 225,000 Japanese yen (about 50 million VND) in case of lacking of the donation.

II.3. Staffs

- General responsibility: BETOAJI organization.

- Direct responsibility:

+ In Vietnam: Nguyen Thu Hong

+ In Japan: Lam Dai Phong, Nguyen Thi Thu, Nguyen Thanh Binh

II.4. Conducting schedule (in draft)

- April – May: Field observation, making a list of name and necessary information of pupils.

At this time, BETOAJI has the first cooperation activities with the local government as well as rectors of primary school. We directly observed and made of list of more than 50 pupils who satisfy all the criteria.

- June: Proposal defense with donation organizations.

- July – August: Propose the final version of the project, and preparation of staffs, funding, organization.

- September, 2013 – May, 2014: Project in activities (to give the scholarship to pupils, monitor the project and other activities).

- May, 2014: Evaluation, conclusion and perspective assessment of the project in the future.

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About Us

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Live to share, live to love” is the slogan as well as the motto of BETOAJI Charitable Organization. “BETOAJI is the abbreviation of “Betonamu-no-aji” in which means Vietnamese flavor Japanese. BETOAJI was founded in 18th November, 2012 by expatriate Vietnamese studying and working in Japan. The ultimate goals of BETOAJI are:

(1) To introduce the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Vietnam to the World, especially to Japanese friends.

(2) To devote and contribute to charity and social activities towards underprivileged children in Vietnam.

 About Cultural and Fundraising activities:

  • With the Program “Sharing Viet-flavors, Gathering love”, BETOAJI organizes monthly Vietnamese Cuisine class for Japanese friends in Tokyo and other branches of BETOAJI (Betoaji Tsukuba, Betoaji Shizuoka, Betoaji Niigata, etc)
  • Introduce Vietnamese cultural and people on demand of other groups and organizations.
  • Fundraising from individual and organization in Japan and around the world.

About charity and social activities:

  • Key activity of BETOAJI for this period is “BETOAJI Scholarship Foundation. This activity will provide financial support for poor and unfortunate primary students encourage them to go to school and pursue education. “BETOAJI Scholarship Foundation” has currently come into operation and aimed at supporting for children in Easup, DakLak starting from September, 2013.
  • BETOAJI is also in association with the “Only Rice Is Not Enough” charitable organization in Vietnam to establish and organize the program “Small Family - Big Love” to support and assist preschool children in Tua Chua, Dien Bien to have meals with meat and other basic facilities. BETOAJI will continue to expand this program to alleviate misery and suffering for children, gather more and more love and incentive for those in need.
  • In addition, BETOAJI takes part in organizing and supporting other charity and social activities such as: “Free dental care for students”; “Book for people in rural area”, etc.

BETOAJI welcome all the support and passion of our friends around the world. Take our hand and come with us. We will give our best to fulfill our mission for a better Viet Nam.

Thank you!


BETOAJI in Japan


Phone:   080 3799 1608 (English, Vietnamese: Nguyen Thanh Binh)

             080 4164 9776 (Japanese: Pham Duy Tai).

Bank Account:   ゆうちょ銀行 口座、記号: 10110、番号: 27900091

                       名前: ベトアジ フォンヴィヴィエット

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BETOAJI in Vietnam

Attention:  Nguyen Thu Hong

Address:  No. 18, Cu Chi Street, Nha Trang City, Vietnam.

Phone:  058-3544177        Fax:   058-3544 178

Cell phone:  012-0706-6482 (English, Vietnamese)

Bank Account:   Vietcombank 0061000632833

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

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Greetings from BETOAJI

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Greetings from BETOAJI

“Live to share, live to love” is slogan and also motto of the charity nonprofit group-BETOAJI-The Vietnamese Taste. Through this website, we aim to share with you the updating information and pictures about BETOAJI, the enrollment of cooking classes held monthly at BETOAJI branches as well as learn about and participate in social and charity activities that we have been developing. With the continuous update, we hope this site will become a useful bridge between you and BETOAJI. Hopefully, BETOAJI will endlessly receive your trust, support, and company on the way to gather and share our love.

Please help BETOAJI widening by introducing to your friends this site!

Sincerely thanks,



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Small Family Big Love

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BETOAJI launched the program "Small family - Big love" to sponsor Western North children.

Tua Chua is a poor district of Dien Bien province, in which Trung Thu and Sin Chai are the two poorest villages.In good weather, it takes 3-4 hours from the 6th National Highway to Trung Thu, and 5 hours from Sin Chai. At the two villages’ nursery schools, children have to attend boarding classes since their homes are often too far away from school. As there is no officially supported meal after class, they usually bring along rice from their household and the teachers do a favor of cookingthe dinner for them. But as poverty is the common condition of most household there, their meals usually are only rice with salt and wild vegetables pick from the nearby wood. From March 2013, through the program "Only Rice is Not Enough", BETOAJI have supported 41 children at Trung Thu nursery school. But in Sin Chai and other provinces, children still have to takeundernutritious meals with no meat, as well as having insufficient clothing and minimum school supplies in the mountain’s cold. As a result, BETOAJI launched the program "Small family - Big love"to call for donators and supporters who are willing to become guarantor, creating small warm families for those children in our BETOAJI big family. With 500 yen or 120,000 VND, you can join with BETOAJI for supporting 1 child for a month. We hope that the number of children receiving support will gradually increase and BETOAJI family will grow bigger and bigger to spread joy and happiness!

Program content:

- Guarantors: BETOAJI volunteers and other donors.

- Adopted children: Those of nursery schools of Trung Thu, Sin Chai and other wards of Tua Chua districts, Dien Bien province in the program "Only Rice is Not Enough" in Vietnam.

- Time and supporting wages:guarantors commit to support 500 Yen (or 120,000 VND) per month/child for at least 12 months starting from April 2013. The number of children for each supporter is not limited.

- BETOAJI together with the program "Only Rice is Not Enough" will provide basic information of the children as well as create and maintain contactbetween guarantors and their children. BETOAJI plans to hold BETOAJI Big Family party every June in order to offer exchange and sharing opportunities, together with direct visits of guarantors to their children.

With the program "Small family - Big love", we hope that the more love sent, the more happy little souls there will be!

Registration at http://statictab.com/sm6v5kr

For detailed information, please visit our website and facebook:



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